Ativo Senior Living

Ativo Senior Living is committed to giving our residents a new approach to the senior living experience, with an emphasis on personal growth and fulfillment. Our senior living communities aspire to deliver a cross-generational experience to our residents that bridges the generational gap, creating opportunities for residents to share a lifetime of experience, skills, and wisdom to shape a better, brighter future.

Ativo takes its name from Portuguese. The word means active, lively, or spry. Our name explains our philosophy – it informs and encompasses everything, from our programs to our care and services. Residents of Ativo Senior Living find daily opportunities to express themselves creatively, connect with all generations, have fun, and pursue wellness with activities that are tailored to meet their individual interests.

Resident holding hands with a caretaker at Ativo Senior Living in West Linn, Oregon
Resident cooking with the help of a team member at Ativo Senior Living in West Linn, Oregon
Residents sitting at a table playing cards at Ativo Senior Living in West Linn, Oregon
Pair of glasses sitting on a book at Ativo Senior Living in West Linn, Oregon
Resident building a model with a young child at Ativo Senior Living in West Linn, Oregon


Insight Senior Living believes that positive, meaningful relationships can bring positive results, that’s why their mission “Making a difference by cultivating purposeful connections-bringing joy and opportunity.” applies to all they serve including residents, families, employees, vendors and others.



  • Wisdom: We have an experienced team that brings wisdom to our work and we continually seek more knowledge allowing good judgment for today, tomorrow and into the future.
  • Excellence: We have a standard of excellence in everything that we do. Our approach to things that look good now is: how can we do better?
  • Purpose: We are intentional in our engagement with others and inspire those we work with, including our residents, to have purposeful activities. Our approach to empower and inspire reflects the passion we have in making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Innovation: We evolve and adapt to meet the continual changing desires of seniors, employees, students investors and others. We are creative with exploring new ideas in everything that we do while listening to those we serve.
  • Integrity: We do business honestly and appreciate transparency in our relationships. We believe in doing the “right thing”.
  • Grace: We honor all people with dignity and respect, having empathy in appropriate situations, giving the benefit of the doubt and forgiving mistakes made.
  • Gratitude: We are thankful and believe that recognizing and appreciating ourselves and others brings joy.
  • Synergy: We believe a team working together brings the best results. We believe our team becomes bigger when we work collaboratively with our partners.
Resident talking to two younger women at a Ativo Senior Living community
Resident painting a small sculpture at a Ativo Senior Living community
Resident mixing ingredients in a bowl with the help of a young child at a Ativo Senior Living community