Ativo Senior Living is committed to giving our residents a new approach to the senior living experience, with an emphasis on personal growth and fulfillment. Our senior living communities aspire to deliver a cross-generational experience to our residents that bridges the generational gap, creating opportunities for residents to share a lifetime of experience, skills, and wisdom to shape a better, brighter future.

Ativo takes its name from Portuguese. The word means active, lively, or spry. Our name explains our philosophy – it informs and encompasses everything, from our programs to our care and services. Residents of Ativo Senior Living find daily opportunities to express themselves creatively, connect with all generations, have fun, and pursue wellness with activities that are tailored to meet their individual interests.


Insight Senior Living believes that positive, meaningful relationships can bring positive results, that’s why their mission “Making a difference by cultivating purposeful connections-bringing joy and opportunity.” applies to all they serve including residents, families, employees, vendors and others.


  • Wisdom: We have an experienced team that brings wisdom to our work and we continually seek more knowledge allowing good judgment for today, tomorrow and into the future.
  • Excellence: We have a standard of excellence in everything that we do. Our approach to things that look good now is: how can we do better?
  • Purpose: We are intentional in our engagement with others and inspire those we work with, including our residents, to have purposeful activities. Our approach to empower and inspire reflects the passion we have in making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Innovation: We evolve and adapt to meet the continual changing desires of seniors, employees, students investors and others. We are creative with exploring new ideas in everything that we do while listening to those we serve.
  • Integrity: We do business honestly and appreciate transparency in our relationships. We believe in doing the “right thing”.
  • Grace: We honor all people with dignity and respect, having empathy in appropriate situations, giving the benefit of the doubt and forgiving mistakes made.
  • Gratitude: We are thankful and believe that recognizing and appreciating ourselves and others brings joy.
  • Synergy: We believe a team working together brings the best results. We believe our team becomes bigger when we work collaboratively with our partners.

Ativo Senior Living offers residents the chance to engage with young people in the greater communities they reside. Through these intergenerational interactions, the young in body and the young at heart can help one another learn new ways to navigate their life’s journey.

Diverse Activities

We believe our elders have so much to give – a lifetime of skills and experiences to share with younger members of the greater West Linn community. Ativo Senior Living has many multi-use spaces designed to encourage residents and children to engage in a variety of meaningful activities with each other. From painting classes to singing and gardening, our community spaces inspire intergenerational interactions that leave residents and children alike with profound, lasting impressions.


Residents who pass along their knowledge to the future generation develop a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. At the same time, youthful perspectives allow our residents to continue to learn and grow on their journey. By closing the generational gap, our residents help to build a brighter future for the next generation.

Whether you are seeking a stress-free life offered by Independent Living, in search of the extra help offered by Assisted Living, or looking for the care and support of a modern, holistic Memory Care program, Ativo Senior Living helps residents feel confident and secure.

Assisted Living

Ativo Senior Living of Yuma aims to create a sense of community with an emphasis on maximizing resident independence, self-worth, and dignity. We recognize each resident of Ativo as an individual with their own unique interests, preferences, and needs. With this understanding, we developed our activities,schedules, and care services based on the individual needs of each resident.

Our person-centered care approach starts prior to the actual move-in. We complete an individualized assessment prior to move in and on an ongoing basis as needs change. These assessments with our residents and family members help us identify interests, needs, previous roles, and necessary support services. With this information, we can plan to meet each resident’s specific needs from day one.

Memory Care

Memory Care at Ativo Senior Living emphasizes positive reinforcement and repetition to help reestablish memory and recognition, leading to improved spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. Our small memory care neighborhood has been purposefully designed to create a more intimate approach. Ativo’s care partners take the time to understand everyone as the unique individual that they are and uses that information to create activities that relate to a former hobby, or interest. This personalized approach builds upon residents remaining skills and abilities while supporting independence.

Our comprehensive programs and activities are designed to support our residents’ well-being. These programs promote mental and physical wellness, nutrition, learning, and social opportunities that spark joy in our residents.

Programs Philosophy

A purpose-filled life can be lived at any age. Through our various Connection Programs, we strive to equip our residents with the resources they need to find passion and purpose in life. Our intention is to provide residents with a comprehensive experience that supports their well-being through mental and physical wellness, nutrition, and learning and social opportunities that spark joy. Ativo Senior Living also encourages residents to bring their own ideas. We collaborate with our residents to create purpose-filled activities and programs that work for them and their peers, and we support those who want to lead these projects. Imagine the possibilities that await.