Life at
Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley

Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley aims to give our residents a new approach to the senior living experience, with an emphasis on personal growth and fulfillment. Our senior living communities aspire to deliver a cross-generational experience to our residents that bridge the generational gap. Creating opportunities for residents to share a lifetime of experience, skills, and wisdom to the next generations.

Our hope is the residents of Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley will find daily opportunities to express themselves creatively, connect with all generations, have fun, and pursue wellness with activities that are tailored to meet their individual interests.

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Insight Senior Living believes that positive, meaningful relationships can bring positive results, that’s why their mission “Making a difference by cultivating purposeful connections-bringing joy and opportunity” applies to all they serve including residents, families, employees, vendors and others.


Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley, is founded upon a deep respect, honor, and commitment to each individual resident. We recognize the skill, knowledge and passion our residents have to offer and our intent is to create an environment with rich and diverse opportunities, activities and experiences. Ativo is a community that embraces local traditions, interests and intergenerational relationships while encouraging physical, intellectual, creative and social independence.

Ativo Senior Living of Prescott Valley aims to create a supportive environment with:

  • Person-Centered approach to care and social plans
  • Intergenerational Opportunities
  • Rich and diverse programming and activities
  • Environments designed to engage and foster independence