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Staying Safe While Socially Distancing

Staying safe while navigating life during the COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for many seniors. Shopping, dining, social, even some medical services have been challenging to access and has potential risk to COVID-19 exposure.

What if we told you that there is a place where you can enjoy meals in a variety of dining venues every night? A place that provides multiple luxury settings to engage in great conversation with neighbors and friends while physically distancing? A community where you can access health and professional services while limiting the risk of exposure?

At Ativo Senior Living, we invite you to stay socially engaged with friends and family while finding peace and protection from physically distancing.  

Ativo’s approach in attempting to reduce exposure of COVID-19 is through innovative technology, consistent safety protocols, and community design.  

Spread out: Ativo boasts some of the largest Assisted Living units in Yuma. Spending time in your apartment is comfortable when you have the space to spread out and not feel so cramped.  Personal space accompanied with in-room washer and dryers, units with full kitchens, and Ativo’s in-room TV channel, offers the conveniences you want when staying in.

Social Dining: Enjoy a delicious farm to table influenced meal while physically distancing in one of our six dining venues, grab a treat from our Cafe, or stay in and order room service.

Connectivity: Stay connected and engaged with our wifi throughout the community. You can participate in our virtual social programs, check out an iPad to face time a friend, or use the visiting physician's offices for a telehealth meeting. 

Innovative in Safety: Ativo’s Visitor screening kiosk is the starting point for all guests who visit Amaran. This innovative kiosk takes temperatures, asks exposure risk questions, and approves visitors who pass the screening with a printed name tag.  In addition to the visitor screening kiosk, you’ll find sanitation stations throughout the community, as well as knowledgeable and trained staff wearing appropriate PPE.

Communication & Transparency: Ativo believes that transparency and communication are vital to navigating the COVID-19 crisis successfully. Helping residents, families, and guests understand the specific visitation protocols through our Amaran app, digital screens located throughout the community, and our monthly newsletters are just one way we can keep exposure risk down.


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